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FOREASt has bookmarked and shared all the resources covered here on (formerly, a popular social bookmarking site and is in the process of developing a virtual network there. If you have a account, you may also add FOREASt to your network, which will keep you posted of new resources discovered by FOREASt.

Who has contributed to FOREASt?

  • Yuh-fen Benda (Librarian, Vanderbilt): contributions
  • Rob Britt (Librarian, U. Washington): contributions
  • Xi Chen (Librarian, Oberlin College): contributions
  • Ryan Dunch (Professor, U. Alberta): contributions
  • Lucy Gan (Librarian, U. Toronto): contributions
  • Martin Heijdra (Librarian, Princeton): contributions
  • Amei Hu (Librarian, McGill): recommendation under review
  • Hana Kim (Librarian, U. Toronto): recommendations under review
  • Hyoungbae Lee (Librarian, Princeton): contributions
  • Hideyuki Morimoto (Librarian, Columbia): contributions
  • Di Pin Ouyang (Librarian, National Library of Australia): contributions
  • Stephen Qiao (Librarian, U. Toronto): contributions
  • Kenneth Tanaka (Librarian, U. Maryland): contributions
  • Kristina Troost (Librarian, Duke U.): contributions
  • Jidong Yang (Librarian, U. Michigan): contributions
  • Eleanor Yuen (Librarian, UBC): contributions
  • Macy Zheng (Librarian, McGill): recommendation under review
  • a number of anonymous people

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