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Welcome to FOREASt, The Internet East Asian Library!  

What is FOREASt?

        FOREASt, or Free Open Resources for East Asian Studies, collects relevant scholarly resources published on the Internet by individual scholars, academic institutions, cultural institutions (libraries, museums, archives), government agencies, and occasionally commercial entities. Currently FOREASt provides access to over 300 free databases and journals on East Asia "published" in North America, Europe, Australia and, of course, East Asia. 

        Even though these databases and journals are freely accessible to anyone with the Internet connection, the irony is that they tend to be hidden from researchers who are increasingly looking for information on the web. These resources are "invisible" because they are not as widely promoted or as adequately indexed by search engines as commercial products. 

        Built in the web 2.0 fashion (blogging and tagging), FOREASt aims to facilitate the discovery and use of these free and open access resources by scholars and students. It is being developed and managed by Tao Yang, the East Asian Librarian at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, with the help from members of the Council on East Asian Libraries (an affiliate of the Association for Asian Studies) and librarians at Rutgers University Libraries (a member of the Association of Research Libraries). You may also find a list of individuals and institutions contributing to and promoting FOREASt on our community page.

        Since omissions are inevitable, you are more than welcome to recommend databases or journals that should be included. Your contribution will be properly acknowledged.

        To learn more about FOREASt, please visit the FAQ page. Thanks!


Tao Yang
East Asian Librarian at Rutgers (and the FOREASt Librarian in the virtual world)

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